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I grew up in San Leandro, just down the road from Lafayette. I was the third of four sisters in a middle-class and hard-working household. It was just your ideal suburban middle-class childhood! Since my mom often had to work weekends, my dad would watch us while she worked. He used to take us to the drive-in movies back in the day where everyone drove station wagons, & no one wore seatbelts! During one of the weekends I was playing in our yard with a neighbor boy named Billy Peppy. My dad was doing yard work & watching over us. I was five at the time, & Billy was a little bit younger. Well, the night before, my dad had brought us girls home one of those huge all-day suckers.

The ones with every color of the rainbow swirled in a big circle. You know the ones I’m talking about? I thought it was so cool, so I was showing off my sucker to Billy. I could tell he was impressed with it, so I told him if he did something for me, I would give it to him. The funny thing is, I don’t even remember what the duty was, but it was one of those small things between young kids. So, Billy went & did the task right away. Without hesitation. He wanted that candy! When he came back & asked for the sucker, I started laughing & told him, “I was just kidding.” He was disappointed of course.

Before I knew it, my dad came out of nowhere, yanked the sucker right out of my hand, & immediately gave it to Billy, and he said, “Always keep your word. No matter what.” He wasn’t mean or rude about it. But he looked me straight in the eyes, with all seriousness. And I never forgot that lesson. Never. So, now I am a person of my word. From that day on! It is the most important thing to me. That lesson stuck with me throughout my life. Now that I have been through a couple of careers, I look back and see how the lesson that I learned in my front yard so many years ago has been so impactful throughout my life, especially in real estate! Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my life.

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